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Demo movie(analyzing HP bar): AbilityTimerV0_50demo.mp4 about 2.8MB
デモ動画: AbilityTimerV0_42demoJ.mp4 約2.8MB
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This software is created using Processing.
It helps you to wait for expiration of enemy's enhancement abilities in the browser game "Kamihime Project".
It also has a feature that you can record whether you have completed your daily mission.

  • It has the function to display the timetable of Gem Quest in local time (version 0.42 onwards).
  • It has the function to display the HP bar parcentage (version 0.50 onwards).
  • It has the function to analyze the required Exp for the accessory (version 0.60 onwards).
  • It has the calculator for accessory Exp (version 0.65 onwards).
  • It has the screenshot button (version 0.78 onwards).

Since the window of this software is translucent, the lower window can be seen through.

このソフトウェアは Processing を使用して作成されています。
ブラウザゲーム 神姫プロジェクト において、敵の強化アビリティの時間切れを待つのに有用です。

  • ローカル時間におけるジェムクエストの開催時間表を表示する機能があります(Ver0.42以降)。
  • HPバーの%を表示する機能があります(Ver0.50以降)。
  • アクセサリを最大レベルに上げるために必要な経験値を表示する機能があります(Ver0.60以降)。
  • アクセサリ経験値計算機の機能があります(Ver0.65以降)。
  • スクリーンショットを撮るボタンがあります(ver0.78以降)。



Auto detection : necessory Exp / HP % / number of participants

How to run this software

  1. Download AbilityTimerV?_??.zip and .
  2. Extract the two zip files to an arbitrary location.
  3. Organize their contents into one folder.
  4. Double click AbilityTimer.exe .
  5. Clicking on the left side of the window will start the timer.
  6. When the timer reaches 0 seconds or clicking the timer, it returns to the original state.


  1. AbilityTimerV?_??.zip と をダウンロードします。
  2. 任意の場所に2つのzipファイルを展開します。
  3. zipファイルの中身を1つのフォルダにまとめます。
  4. AbilityTimer.exeと同じフォルダにあるItems.csvを削除して、ItemsJ.csvのファイル名をItems.csvに変えます。
  5. AbilityTimer.exeをダブルクリックします。
  6. ウィンドウの左側のあたりをクリックするとタイマが開始されます。
  7. タイマが0秒になるか、またはタイマをクリックすると元に戻ります。

How to modify Items.csv

  1. Add the items you want to add in the form of "mission,MissionName,boxes".
  2. Lines beginning with # are ignored.


mission,Guild Order,1
#mission,Advent Battle,5
#mission,Advent Rag.,1
#mission,Advent Collab.,5
mission,Event Quests,3
mission,Daily Mission,1
mission,Material Exchg,1
mission,Gem Gacha,1
mission,Gem Quest,2
mission,Raid Quests,1
mission,Accessory Que.,3

Items.csv の書き換え方

  1. 追加したいアイテムを "mission,名前,個数" の形式で追記します。
  2. #で始まる行は無視されます。
  3. 文字コードはUTF-8である必要があります。Excelでなく何らかのテキストエディタを使って編集したほうがよいでしょう。


How to run on Processing IDE

Part I (Install the IDE and a nesessory library)

  1. Download Processing IDE from
  2. Run processing.exe
  3. Menu Bar - Tools - Add Tool...
  4. Select Libraries tab
  5. Input "Sound" to Filter box
  6. Click "Sound | Provides a simple way to work with audio." and Install

Part II (Download the sourcecode and running sotfware)

  1. Access
  2. Click "Download ZIP"
  3. Extract
  4. Double click AbilityTimer.pde
  5. Click Run button


HP analyzer and Accessory calculator don't work.

AbilityTimer detects the game window by searching the upper left frame.
for that reason, it will not work when upper left is hidden.

A dialog appeared and sayed, "This application requires a Java Runtime ..."

Please make sure that the contents of are expanded to the correct position.

Bad: Good:

Known issues

  • 0.80
    • #65 "Weekly Accessory P" may be regarded as an incorrect value.


  • 0.80
    • #60 The accessory calculator was improved to show the Accessory P that you can get (or abandon).
  • 0.79
    • #62 The Accessory calculator feature has been corrected to work correctly on DMM Japanese version.
    • #63 Japanese readme.txt is now included in the distribution.
  • 0.78
    • #54 A button to take screenshots has been added.
  • 0.77
    • #55 The bug has been fixed where the state of the checklist was not saved when Windows shuts down.
    • #56 readme.txt is now included in the distribution.
  • 0.75 (Only bug fixes)
    • #53 A bug that failed HP analysis in the DMM version has been fixed. The function to display the timetable in the DMM version has been removed.
  • 0.74
    • #48 The All Clear button has been added to the accessory calculator.
    • #52 A bug that the tick marks on the HP bar are displayed in wrong position has been fixed.
  • 0.73
    • #46 The function to ring the bell when the number of battle participants has reached the desired number has been implemented.
  • 0.72
    • #50 Exp as a bait has been displayable.
  • 0.70
    • #45 The bug that hangs up when a level 50 accessory is displayed has been fixed.
  • 0.69
    • #44 The function to display the prediction of the accessory after the enhancement is added.
  • 0.68
    • #41 The level of accessories to feed can now be able to select.
    • #43 The bug that the printer icon of IrfanView is misidentified as a game screen had been fixed.
  • 0.67 (Only bug fixes)
    • #40 The problem that SSR accessory may be misunderstood as R accessory was fixed.
    • #42 The problem that the drawer window is not enough responsive to mouse was fixed.
  • 0.66 (Only bug fix)
    • #38 The problem that the maximum settable seconds of the timer was lower than the ability of Quetzalcoatl [Shadow] was fixed.
  • 0.65
    • #37 The accessory Exp calculator was implemented.
  • 0.64 (Only bug fixes)
    • #35 The appearance when displaying the Exp required by the accessory has been improved.
    • #36 Flicker on HP percentage displaying has been reduced.
  • 0.63
    • #34 Analysis of the necessary Exp is now carried out also for the display when clicking on the accessory list.
  • 0.62 (Only bug fix)
    • #33 Even if there are multiple enemies, HP parcentage display is now done correctly.
  • 0.61 (Only bug fix)
    • #32 The bug that erroneously determines Lv 34 accessories as Lv 3 has been fixed.
  • 0.60
    • #31 A function to analyze the required Exp for the accessory was implemented.
  • 0.50
    • #31(in progress) A function to analyze the HP bar and display the percentage was implemented.
  • 0.48
    • #30 When it is less than one minute until the end of the Gem Quest, seconds are displayed.
  • 0.47
    • #29 Minimize button has been added.
  • 0.46 (Only bug fix)
    • #23 In order to avoid wasting processor power, unnecessary redrawing was suppressed.
  • 0.45 (Only bug fix)
    • #26 The issue to become unresponsive after the PC went back from sleep was fixed.
  • 0.44 (Only bug fixes)
    • #16 When the mouse cursor is outside the window, triangle and seconds are now suppressed.
    • #22 Even if the check box is dragged, the window has been prevented from moving as much as possible.
  • 0.42
    • #6 The clock of service vender is now displayed.
    • #7 When you mouseover the clock, the timetable of Gem Quests is now displayed.
    • #19 #20 Minor bugs were fixed.
  • 0.30
    • #3 Checklist's state is saved and loaded automatically.
    • #12 The window has become transparent.
    • #15 Window size is reduced in the Timer Mode.
  • 0.20
    • #4 By modifying "Items.csv", it is now possible to display arbitrary items.
    • #5 Fixed a bug.
    • #8 This software could play sound when the timer expires.
  • 0.10
    • #13 You can now specify an arbitrary time with 1 click.
  • 0.02
    • #1 "Always on Top" is enabled.
  • 0.01
    • 1st release


For displaying messages, M+ Font was used.
For playing sound effect at the expiration of the timer, distributed file from 効果音で遊ぼう! was used.
For camera icon, ICOOON MONO was used.

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